Refrigerated Cells and Stores

IMPAR designs and installs complete refrigerating buildings, exploiting its innovative and well tested technologies.
In its factory based in Ferrara, IMPAR manufactures a complete range of different types of insulating panels in thicknesses that vary from 50 to 300 mm proposed in typologies suitable for any temperature and climate, for refrigerating rooms, refrigeration stores and freezing tunnels.
The particular technology developed by IMPAR and the state-of-the-art systems used in production ensure the manufacture of high-quality panels, able to accommodate all constructive demands.
Furthermore IMPAR, from the very outset, deploys a leading-edge tri-dimensional designing technique, through to the subsequent manufacture of the support structures for the refrigerating rooms and, finally, of the plants themselves with the most advanced design proposals and constructive systems.


  • Commercial refrigerating rooms
  • Refrigerating stores and cold rooms
  • Low temperature refrigerating stores
  • Controlled atmosphere cold stores
  • Blast chilling and freezing tunnels

Cell 0 ° C / A.C.

Construction of positive temperature (0 °C) cells for the agri-food sector, with technological solutions for (medium-long) fruit and vegetable conservation in a Controlled Atmosphere.


L.T. Cells (Low Temperature)

Construction of low temperature cells for the frozen food sector with specific solutions for various uses, particularly with fixed shelving (Drive-In type) or movable (Compactable type) in modular solutions designed with the need for loading the cells themselves in mind.



Air conditioned rooms

Construction of air-conditioned processing rooms intended for the handling of goods and equipped with air channelling sleeves in micro-perforated fabric, ceiling-mounted for an optimal conditioning of the environment.



Equipped loading points

Construction of goods receiving and shipping areas equipped with loading points consisting of electrohydraulic loading/unloading platforms, connecting isothermal temperature-maintaining portals and sectional closure gates.